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Благотворительные мили

Из декабрьского выпуска Miles&More, программы лояльности группы авиакомпаний Star Alliance:

A small step

Giving orphans and street urchins a home, providing them with food 
and access to education, or being involved in nature conservation. 
There are many ways to do charity even without money. "Miles to Help" 
lets you donate some of the award miles you have earned.

Your miles can be helpful:

- HelpAlliance, the aid organisation started by Deutsche Lufthansa AG 
  employees: 10,000 award miles can e.g. allow a child in India to attend 
  school for an entire year.
- Living Lakes, the Global Nature Fund's lakes network: For 10,000 miles, 
  five trees can be restocked and new income opportunities created for 
  the population in South Africa.
- SOS Children's Villages: The Family Strengthening Programme allows 
  a child in Latin America to live with his or her biological family for 
  one month for 10,000 miles.


More than 70 million miles have been donated as part of "Miles to Help" 
since November 1, 2006. These miles helped save 54 hectares of the world's 
largest wetland, the Brazilian Pantanal, and provided medical care for 
more than 12,000 children in India. Generous donations even allowed 
275 children to attend school this year.

Интересный способ потратить неиспользуемые мили.
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