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Не смог удержаться, чтобы не процитировать (выделение мое):
Some examples of applications that support OOXML by that definition:

  1. The DOS "copy" command is a conforming OOXML consumer and producer, since it can accept and produce valid OOXML documents.

  2. The DOS "del" command is a valid OOXML consumer, and one which I heartily recommend.

  3. WinZip, PkWare and every other Zip application out there are also conforming producers and consumers of OOXML.

  4. Every text editor and every XML editor and every other application that can consume text or XML also supports OOXML.

  5. Every web server and every application server, and every file system in the world can support OOXML if it can store an OOXML document without crashing or restore a valid OOXML document.

  6. A USB memory stick is also a conformant OOXML application, since it can consume and restore OOXML documents,

  7. An MP3 player is a conforming OOXML application, if it has a disk mode that allows files to be stored and restored.

Feel free to suggest your own nonsense.

Рекомендую также посмотреть комментарии к этой записи у Роба, там Джереми Эллисон высказывает официальную позицию Google по отношению к MS OOXML и ODF.
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