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Speaker Rabbit


CIFS: curious information funneled sometimes

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Странные песни
Speaker Rabbit
Хотите ли вы слушать пластмассовые песни?

Geneva, 8 May 2009: The European Broadcasting Union* (EBU) said today that it could not accept an entry from Legoland to the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow next week, despite a personal appeal by a man calling himself “Legoman” at EBU headquarters in Geneva. A delegation purporting to represent Legoland ** entered the Geneva headquarters of the EBU, which organizes the popular annual contest, and asked to see the Director of Eurovision TV.

[Purported_Legoman_EBU] “I am delighted that this year's Eurovision Song Contest is attracting such great interest,” said Bjørn Erichsen, Director of Eurovision TV. "Unfortunately Legoland is not eligible to participate because it does not have a public service broadcaster which belongs to the EBU."

... из официального пресс-релиза EBU

Интересно, когда ABC выпустит этот сериал?
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