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Если вы не отзоветесь, мы напишем в "Спортлото"

Прелестная цитата из LWN за эту неделю:
It doesn't take long for the bug report thread to descend into flames. Evidently endosquid works in a tightly controlled environment that requires a raft of paperwork to accompany code changes, but that still doesn't justify a claim of "MONTHS [of] fixing code for no real benefit". It seems clear that endosquid didn't quite understand who it was responding to the bug report when asking Lerdorf to "escalate
this to someone who can answer the question as to why this was changed
". Lerdorf responds: "Escalate? Oh how I wish I had someone to escalate to."

Человек косвенно передает в функцию неиницилизированную переменную и ожидает от нее некорректное поведение, которое было в PHP со времен третьей версии и было исправлено в PHP 5.3 -- number_format() возвращало "0" на строку, которая не преобразуется к float, а теперь возвращает "". Процесс дискуссии занимателен и еще одной цитатой из Лердорфа: "It is ... a classic case of how not to treat unpaid volunteers who provide critical pieces of your money-making infrastructure".
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