abbra (abbra) wrote,

Аргументация против софтверных патентов

Прекрасно сказано:
"Modern computers are designed to be capable of running software of varying designs and purposes. Running a program does not materially change the physical hardware. To be sure, each program has an ephemeral effect on the voltage levels that implement the ones and zeros of machine language. Viewing such an effect as creating a special purpose computer would be like saying a telephone becomes a “special purpose telephone” when used for a particular call, or a television becomes a ‘special purpose television” when used to watch a particular channel or other content. In short, viewing a computer as being fundamentally transformed each time a program is run is untenable."

Рекомендую прочитать весь amicus brief, он исключительно ёмок в своих формулировках.
Tags: patents, software

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