May 21st, 2006

Speaker Rabbit

Linus on IRC

I hate irc.

I'm reading the irc logs, and seeing that people have problems, but (a) it
was while I was asleep and (b) irc use doesn't encourage people to
actually explain what the problems _are_, so I have no clue.

So now I know that "spyderous" has problems importing some 1GB gentoo CVS
archive, but that's pretty much it. Grr.

Are people afraid to post to, or what?

I saw that people tried to suggest posting to the git mailing list, but
can any of you who are active on irc be a bit more forceful? And perhaps
we don't make this mailing list address well enough known?

As far as I'm aware, the git mailing list isn't closed, so people should
be able to post here without even subscribing. I can well understand that
you might not want to subscribe and prefer to look ove rthe list through
some archive setup (the way I look at the irc logs), and maybe we should
just make the git mailing list address more obvious.

Right now, the "community" page at doesn't
even mention the git mailing list address directly, it just tells you how
you can subscribe and read the archives.

Can we perhaps fix that, and the people who are active on irc please also
make it clear to people that if they have some real problems that don't
get an immediate answer, the git mailing list ends up where a lot of
people can actually look more closely at it.. And tell them what the
address is.