October 4th, 2006

Speaker Rabbit

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Чукча писатель, чукча совсем не читатель:

Admittedly, Pentax does recommend that new users fully review the 212-page manual to achieve optimal results. I hate manuals. So I skimmed, rather than read, the entire booklet. Playing with the device for an hour taught me most of the information contained in the first half of the book.

Later chapters are a must read for any novice who wants to take advantage of all the camera's features. Luckily, the directions in the booklet are clearly illustrated with bullet points, rendering them more digestible than most instructions. For example, I learned how to play around with the camera's built-in editing options to change and save photos in black and white format, sepia tone, and basic colors.

Это из статьи о новом DSLR от Pentax на businessweek. Друзья-производители, давайте просто перестанем писать документацию, пускай эти горе-пользователи сами разбираются, если читать не хотят.
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