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Speaker Rabbit


CIFS: curious information funneled sometimes

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Ответ Новелла
Speaker Rabbit
Пока никаких комментариев, еще читаю сам, но вот реакция финансовых аналитиков:

NEW YORK, November 20 (newratings.com) - Analyst J Maynard of Credit Suisse downgrades Novell Inc (NOVL.NAS) from "neutral" to "underperform." The target price has been reduced from $8 to $6.

In a research note published this morning, the analyst mentions that the company’s share price has appreciated significantly in the recent past, following the Linux patent deal with Microsoft. Although the deal includes a net payment of approximately $308 million by Microsoft, the analyst views this as a one-time event. The transaction would negatively impact the company’s position in the open source community, Credit Suisse says.

Update: реакция Microsoft на заявление Novell:

"Microsoft and Novell have agreed to disagree on whether certain open source offerings infringe Microsoft patents and whether certain Microsoft offerings infringe Novell patents. The agreement between our two companies puts in place a workable solution for customers for these issues, without requiring an agreement between our two companies on infringement.

"Both of our companies are fully committed to moving forward with all of the important work under these agreements. The agreements will advance interoperability between Windows and Linux and put in place a new intellectual property bridge between proprietary and open source software. Customers and participants throughout our industry will clearly benefit from these results.

"We at Microsoft respect Novell's point of view on the patent issue, even while we respectfully take a different view. Novell is absolutely right in stating that it did not admit or acknowledge any patent problems as part of entering into the patent collaboration agreement. At Microsoft we undertook our own analysis of our patent portfolio and concluded that it was necessary and important to create a patent covenant for customers of these products. We are gratified that such a solution is now in place."

Microsoft Corporation
November 20, 2006

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Новелл юлит. Ой как юлит. Не хотел бы я сейчас быть на его месте...

Я думаю, что финансисты сейчас как никогда близки к реальности.

Интересно только, как именно будет выглядеть окончательный слив Новелла. Пойти чоль купить акций Редхата?;)

have agreed to disagree on - это сильно сказано.

В мире больших дядь еще и не так умеют;)

Ага, я до сих пор медитирую в какой из трех-четырех вариантов смысла поверить :-)

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